Installation steps of iOS 6.0.1 to iPhone 5

Apple launched its new iPhone 5 just few time back and soon after that it again released its new operating system iOS 6.0.1. iPhone 5 has been the most famous handset and it has given a tough competition to its rival Samsung. This phone uses the iOS 6 with various features. But soon after its release, they introduced the new OS which can be installed into the phone. There are certain steps to upgrade the iPhone 5 to the new operating system. The procedure is listed below.

*        The first step to do the starting is go to the Settings and click on General. After that, hit the Software update option. A message will be display where you will see the ‘Learn More’ tag. Tap it to fix the bug in order to prevent the iPhone.

*        For this, an app known as the iOS updater has to be downloaded and so accordingly install it.

*        You will get to see a new icon on the screen. But as we know that after installing any application, the device has to be restarted. Therefore, it might be necessary this time as well. So reboot it.

*        Now after this process, as soon as your device gets started tap on the icon of the updater and click ok. This will enable you to upgrade your iPhone 5 to iOS 6.0.1.

Thus the above are the steps or procedure that is required to know in order to install the newer iOS.

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